A Non-Debate Debate With CRIA

CHQR, a Calgary radio station, hosted CRIA's Graham Henderson yesterday for a 30 minute segment in which Henderson went through the CRIA view on P2P, Gwen Stefani downloads, and private copying.  Apparently some listeners found the segment one-sided and the radio station asked if I would provide another perspective.  Both can be heard online, though they require registration with the station.  Both segments are posted in the Audio Vault. Henderson was on March 7th at 12:00 pm, I appeared on March 8th at 11:00.


  1. Ken Walker says:

    Non-Debate not for Linux Users
    Unfortunately this discussion is offered only to windows users it seems. Too bad, I was looking forward to hearing it.

  2. Listening on Linux
    You should be able to listen to it in Linux. Download dynamic_audiovault_process.asp.asx, open it and feed the enclosed URL to mplayer.