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The Google – YouTube Deal

Lefsetz hits on precisely the right point – "if we can have a legal YouTube service, we can have a legal P2P service."

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  1. Daemir Silverstreak says:

    Wrong Legality Issue
    To my way of thinking, people are barking up the wrong tree here. They should worry about the actually vids being posted on youtube, not being downloaded

    Why are people so worked up about people making anime music videos? Under the charter of rights and freedoms, we are NOT, repeat NOT, vilolating Copyrights laws. It is stated that such things can be made for the purpose of parody and satire. We aren’t getting paid, nor can the vids be downloaded off Youtube (Trust me, I’ve been trying that since I joined)

    So, why are the AMVs beeing removed, and not the vids that ARE violating the copywrite laws? CAn someone explane that too me?