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Pandora Offline in Canada

Earlier this month, I blogged that Pandora would be blocking Canadian users.  While the company was able to stave that off for a couple of weeks, yesterday it started blocking Canadian users.


  1. Copyright owners in panic
    This is completely irrational. It is absolutely possible to listen to Internet radios all over the globe, from anywhere. Those radios tend to specialize themselves more and more, blurring the real difference between a project like Pandora and a radio station playing only James Bond movies music, for example (and I am not kidding). Pandora was a fantastic tool allowing people to discover artists they like, a direct link between authors and users, a real chance of emancipation for those who refuse to pay unjustified amounts of money for burned copies of music works. One more time, copyright owners have reacted in an irrational way, demonstrating their panic and incapacity to adapt themselves to the freedom the web gave back to people… People who will always find a way to connect themselves to Pandora!

  2. A possible work around if you must get access to Pandora can be found by using [ link ]

  3. Unbelievable
    It is simply unbelievable how catatonically *stupid* the RIAA, their ilk and associated thugs are. Those words can’t even begin to describe how badly they must have all failed Business 101.

    I am to angry and have too much hatred built up towards those 12-year-old-suing ****bags that I can’t really piece together logical information right now…


  4. hi michael,

    can you talk about why pandora shut it\’s doors but seems to still be running? are they not bound by the same law?


  5. also another thing that i don’t understand and perhaps i didn’t understand tariff 22 that socan is presenting. if the issue is royalties being paid, how can pandora continue to play canadian artists, presumably with no law that ensures that they are paid when an american citizen listens to their songs.

    why cut off the canadian listener but still allow the canadian artist to be played?

    am i missing something?

  6. RIAA people are stupid
    I happen to live in Canada, I had been using Pandora for a long long time, infact it was the first internet radio station I listened to. Then the RIAA decided to cut everyone except Americans off of their potential market. Before anyone anywhere in the world could listen to internet radio, that is 6 1/2 BILLION people that the RIAA can make money off of. Then they restrict internet radio to only people in the USA which has a population of 300 million. That is a significant loss of market availability. I have to agree with brent I think they failed Business 101, and I loose my pandora.

    Message to the RIAA and those that support them YOU F@%^ING A$$HOLES! I WANT MY PANDORA!

  7. Smart Canadian says:

    ISP Blockers, People
    I was in denial, than depressed and then angry. I wrote emails and more emails and cursed and swore. Then I took action. I downloaed an ISP blocker that masks my computer as a US computer and now I enjoy Pandora again! The end.

  8. with Pandora
    I am using service to listen to Pandora on my Mac, PC and Roku player.