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U.S. Copyright Lobby Complains About Canadian Copyright

The International Intellectual Property Alliance, a U.S.-based copyright lobby group representing the music, movie, and software lobbies, has released its annual list of demands for copyright reforms in dozens of countries around the world.  Once again, Canada is in good company.  The IIPA targets 51 countries including leading European countries (Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Greece, Hungary), Asian countries (Japan, South Korea), New Zealand, Israel, and a host of countries in South America and Africa.

On the Canadian front, the IIPA notes that Canada implemented anti-camcording legislation, but it wants more.  Much more.  Demands include WIPO implementation, clarification of privacy copying, tougher measures on ISPs, and more IP enforcement.  The group makes it clear that it wants Canada to move well beyond WIPO implementation by instead following the DMCA model, arguing that Canada "should jettison the approach taken by Bill C-60" which took advantage of the flexibility found in the WIPO treaties.   The IIPA report will no doubt play a key role in this year's USTR Special 301 report, which will again claim that Canada lags behind on copyright issues.

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