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Rogers Caves to iPhone Complaints With New Data Pricing

The Globe and Mail reports that Rogers has bowed to public pressure on iPhone data pricing by now offering 6 GB for $30 for consumers that sign up before the end of August.


  1. So, now they get you paying an extra $30 on top of the $60 for the plan over 3 years? They just made an extra $1000 over the terms of the contract. For something AT&T users are getting pretty much anyways.

    I think I would rather sign up for the $100 plan and get 450 more mins + 125 more txt with one gig all for $10 more.

    This is not a bow to public pressure. It’s a rip off still. $60+$30+$6.95+$0.50 = $3508.20 (That’s not including any charges going over your minutes & txt a month)

    No thx

  2. When will people realize this is just a Trojan horse to get people tied into a 3 year contract and spend extra money. Everywhere else in the world they are offer at most a 2 year contract. Robbers is scared of competition coming and want us all locked in as soon as possible. Remember they are still money grabbing people for a $7.00 SAF for an infrastructure that has already been created and also charging for extras that every other provider in the work includes.

    Vote no with your money and don’t by into the hype. Sad thing is I know all the ‘must have’s will be there with their credit card in hand thanks ol Teddy for deal.

  3. prices
    Its not 60+30+ its 30+ your voice plan, just sayin

  4. Looks a lot better..
    I’ve been paying $25 for 1 MB of Blackberry data. Now I can switch to an iPhone, keep my current Rogers voice plan (which admittedly is nowhere near as good as ANYTHING on AT&T) and get 6GB of 3G data for only $30! Nice.

    The only part that really sucks is the 3 year contract. And the fact that Mexicans can buy an 8GB iPhone from America Movil on a 2 year contract for $75 (while paying similar monthly rates to Canadians). Do you think Rogers is making out like a bandit on iPhone sales?

    So now that we’ve won the data battle, its time to get decent voice plans in this country and be done with the SAF and 911 fees.

    I don’t like the idea of recommitting to Rogers for another 3 years, but the new market entrants should (hopefully) provide the competition necessary to get Rogers to drop their voice pricing. And Rogers does allow their customers to switch plans whenever they like…

  5. I think the report is mistaken. It is $30 for 300MB and $100 for 6GB. The Rogers text is awkward and makes it appear like they are offering 6GB for $30. From Rogers web site…
    \”While the iPhone 3G Voice and Data Packages allow you to use this device to its fullest and offer savings over separate voice and data plans, they are not the only options available to you. Other pricing options are available. For example, you may choose to combine one of our new data plans ranging from $30 per month (for 300MB) to $100 per month (for 6GB) with a voice plan. Learn More. \”

  6. kinda happy
    At “P”: Rogers sent out a press release and you didn’t read it.

    Anyways, this is a sneeky move on Rogers part. They get people hooked for 3 years by offering this $30/month for 6GB of data so they get the early adopters. I just hope over the 3 year contract data prices go down.

  7. 3 Years
    The three years is not new. Rogers and Telus have always tried to rope you in for three years. You can get a shorter contract by paying more for the phone.

  8. omgonzos! says:

    a delicious meal at an egyptian restaurant costs the equivalent of 80 cents. how dare our restaurants charge us more than a backwards middle eastern country!

    i’m starting a petition, who is with me?

  9. food
    @food .. very funny but totally idiotic. PS a burger in the USA is the same as in Canada, Ditto for a plate of Pasta. Roger’s is still ripping us off . Think i’ll spend my money on a few suds.
    PS as soon as the new mobile cell carriers come on stream rogers will pay dearly for their stupid marketing moves.

  10. Anonymous says:

    “PS as soon as the new mobile cell carriers come on stream rogers will pay dearly for their stupid marketing moves.”

    But they’ll already have people locked in. If in 3 years there is actual competition, they will them have competing pricing…. excpet with C-61 unlocking your Iphone from Rogers will be illegal, so you’ll have to buy another one.

  11. Anonymous says:

    $30 for that amount of data is still too expensive. $30 for unlimited data with no tethering would be more reasonable.

    At any rate, I think these are the worst talk time rates I’ve ever seen. I gather they feel people will be surfing more than talking now. Idiots.