Latest Round of ACTA Negotiations Wrap Up

The Department of Foreign Affairs has issued a release that provides an update on the most recent round of ACTA negotiations (the release will be mirrored by other countries).  It reports that governments met last week in Paris to continue ACTA negotiations.  In addition to the three issues addressed at earlier meetings (international cooperation, enforcement practices and institutional issues, as well as criminal enforcement), Internet issues were now added to the mix. 

The release notes that governments are aware of the concerns with the lack of transparency in the process and plan to discuss the matter further (presumably when they next meet in Morocco in March 2009).  Transparency does not require discussion, it requires action.  This is quite clearly an intellectual property agreement (not a trade agreement) with negotiations that are conducted in secret to avoid the spotlight and possible objections from developing countries and civil society.  The time has come for Canada to stand up and say that this is wrong and that it will not continue with the process until it meets appropriate standards of transparency.


  1. Oh great
    How nice of Harper and the boys to do this in secret. We can’t comment, discuss or agree/reject any of it as is our right. They didn’t even ask us for permission. Therefore Harper and his boys should be tried for treason!

    Maybe we should start our own country in secret. And if any of those noecons cross our borders we fire them straight to our jails.

  2. Overreaction?
    I’m referring specifically to the “treason” comment. You know that it will be used against our objections to this sort of negotiation. The legitimacy of the objections themselves will end up cast aside as a result of that word.

    And your suggested “solution” will be used to the same effect.

  3. Rename it FACTA
    Facists are Coming To Analprobe

  4. And the more they hide it the more people get upset
    And like i posted at p2pnet , perhaps we should be rounding up these traitors who dont believe in open democracy and fear what we all might do for what htey really have in store.

    Could it be aliens are in charge of the illuminati and that these people are doing there bidding to slowly eradicate our freedoms so the aliens can land?
    HAHA that was a good spin heard somewhere.

    Mkaes it almost sound plausible , if its only about anti counterfeiting measures what gives, what are they soooooo afraid to let us all see.
    What are they up to?
    Did China just take over the owlrd and say these are your laws or was it hollywood?
    which is worse?

  5. words are not the problem
    @ByTowner: I understand your point about Anon’s comment. However, when you have a government that takes a “them against us” attitude toward the citizenry then you gotta laugh. I don’t blame Anon for taking the joke to it’s logical conclusion. Although you and I may agree on “The legitimacy of the objections …” as you say, they are not really the core issue here. Accountability is. Most Canadians are perfectly reasonable regarding these things. That hasn’t worked. So what do you suggest instead.

  6. go listen to the tune
    “hey you” – pink floyd

  7. actually
    “nobody home” is a better tune off same album

  8. Disabled man loses phone servie over hollidays due to incompantance of BCE
    so what happens when a corporation denies and breaches a contract for phone service to a disabled person who shows proof that what they try and say is false?
    he gets 100CDRS and will place misc tunes about bad corporate behavior and goes on tour spreading his message of glee too the masses

    Geist said they need passionate people well
    we also become the 1st targets of there lil war on our rights
    and like Hollywood suing an innocent that is exactly what has been done to me i have been screwed out of phone service and have filed a CCTS complaint and talked to police who after 20 minute talk said GEE there are issues to investigate there.

    OH BCE recently breached my provacy on revealiong my real name and im now going to do the same and breach the privacy act about 500 times back by cdring all this audio i have and going to my docotors next time and tossing cdrs with this and mixed music all over southern ontario


  9. This is not a some game …
    This is not some game that can be turned off or rebooted. This is real life and Harper and the boys are doing it to us, pure and simple. I didn’t just state a joke even though it partially came across as such.

    I realize a government is a test of the people. Government is also a servant of the people and not a secret society that can make any decisions they want in secret, as Harper seems to think.

    When it gets to this point it’s time to stand up to them and make them bend to our will. If we don’t then it’s out loss. And if you haven’t noticed they are on the road enslaving the masses. Literally!

    By chance, if you can’t see this then you have your head down some toilet thinking it’s all roses.

  10. What are they so afraid of?
    all you have to do is see torrentfreaks recent postings of the last onth. THe TONE of the comments was starting to get more violent sounding, thats WHY the riaa backed off lawsuits. Had nothing to do with what there lawyers were probably telling htem. Muscians were panicking.

    This same attitude is also starting to prevail agaisnt politicians of some orders.
    See greece, kids are seeing that as a model is dangerous. HOwever in these times when politicians are subservient to corporate power and money then you get citizenry that will increasingly become violent at its leaders that ARE SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT THEM.

    I will ask again if its about counterfeiting measures what are they so afraid to tell us?

  11. Listen up
    Anon is correct with substantial info he or she is not saying.

    By now everyone should know that Monarchy or any so called leaders around the world are in the same bag, and have been thought out history. Obviously it’s been proven time and again that they hold secret meetings among themselves leaving the populace out. Just follow the money, wars, slavery, religion, drugs and fear.

    If you still don’t know about this then watch “Revelations Of A Mother Goddess” by David Icke and most anything on Illuminati for starters. This cult’s beginnings are in present day Iraq. What used to be called Summeria or Baal among other things.

    Don’t confuse Iraqi population with them though. Most Iraqis are just like you and me, they just want to live a good life, raise a family and don’t know anything about the full bag of tricks brought on by the cult.

    Their MO is:
    – get into space and other planets at any cost (ancient civilizations have seen what Monarchy are capable of and have put up barriers: Van Allen radiation belt, Moon, asteroids, and many more.)
    – keep the populace in check and in slavery at any cost or kill them off to teach them a lesson not to rise up (ever wonder why we still have so many active nuclear missiles and diseases around?)
    – keep sacred knowledge and purpose to life secret and only to themselves (any real information that will increase your personal power and full knowledge of Earth and the universe)
    – if the slaves (that’s us) get out of hand then put the fear of god into them. If that doesn’t work then lie cheat, create wars, use money to make them poor (economy), divide and conquer, create more laws, take away any forms of dissenting communications, compartmentalize (countries, cities, offices, apartment buildings and prisons), use violence, drugs, chemicals, poisons or anything else to stop us from taking over.
    – 99% of what you see and hear is created by them to subjugate us.
    – they use anything and everything to increase their power and carry out their secret plans
    – No matter how nice they are or how good they look they are Satanists in the true meaning of the word. They practice blood rituals and sacrifice in private and other practices in public right in front of your eyes and noses.
    – many support them without knowing: religions, noe-nazis, KKK, military, spy agencies, scientology, monetary fund, jobs, taxes, contracts, insurance, banks, passports, registrations, applications, passports … the list is almost never ending.

    In reality there’s only one law for all human beings. It’s called Respect. Learn it, practice it and use it well.

    What most movies have presented has basis in truth. Search out history where this is referenced and learn. These are not myths, they have been scribed by persons in servitude that would loose body parts if they made mistakes. Keep this in mind when you learn.

    For each reference today there’s a more truthful reference in history. Take it as far back as possible and connect the dots. Most information is still available from original and ancient tribes. Protect them, study with them and become who you are meant to be.

    Now go do it.

  12. Hendrik Boom says:

    Let’s try to comment sanely.

    The communique from foreign affairs mentions discussing the results of consultation with stakeholders. Has the Canadian government actually consulted with Canadian stakeholders?

  13. And Don’t forget they trivialize just like Hendrik Boom
    … anytime they want to misdirect or spin right in front of our faces.

    He should know very well that the word “stakeholders” are not in our best interests and are Cheating Evil Greedy Corporations that lobby government officials to further make laws that take away our rights as human beings.

    In simple terms, done step by little step they implement their own laws / rules to put people in jail or make them poor by fines or law suits. They don’t give a crap about human beings … only themselves and how much control they can try to enforce on everyone else.

    If they didn’t want to lock down our internet, intellectual property and ways of leaking their wrongdoings they would publish full videos and minutes of their meetings, give everyone the opportunity to discuss and make our own decisions. This in turn would force them to make laws and rules as We like … not them.

    The only pirates here or anywhere are corporations lobbying governments and sending them to secret meetings such as this.

    I propose all meetings and files to date be released to the public as they should be! A full copy should be sent to every household and home in Canada, at costs to corporations. Anything short of this is against Canadian Bill of Rights, Human Rights and our common sense. Unless all of this is presented as I just said their IPR should be scrapped or totally ignored.
    – I suggest we take back our government by forcing corporations out of business and or
    – make corporations liable to full review once a year and license them only if they have our best interests in mind as we see fit, proposed before they can receive a OUR license to operate.

    While we are on the subject so should the following be scrapped: SPP, WTO, IMF, NAFTA and any and all secret agreements … past present or future.

    BTW: Foreign Affairs is nothing but a sleazy way of saying; Don’t worry, we will continue hiding it from you and you don’t matter because you are just not smart enough to make any kind of a decision, stupid.
    HA, think again you greedy evil power hungry elite.

    If Hendrik means “stakeholders” as in all Canadians then he should say so and not use doublespeak.

    Anyone else want a silly try at spinning?

  14. Fight technology with technology!
    Laws won’t deter spammers, but technology will.

    If Harper believes anything in democracy, he wouldn’t have Appointed senators when he lacks the authority to do so. These secret meetings with corporate excutives demonstrate Canadians have no obligations to obey any law derived from ACTA or any other secret meetings.

    Laws are changeable!

  15. to sum up everything above
    Don’t get mad about it ….get even and then some.
    Here’s a list of things to do that will aggravate and give THOSE Illuminati types something to really fear.

    don’t toss an egg at them …smile and just play with the egg toss it in air and catch it. They get the hint.

    pirate and do as much infringement as you can. This really loses them out on that control. OH can’t or your shaped , befriend some hackers. OH yes isn’t that nice that YES who ever i am that THEY ( free masons have been about us too) not to worry its there fear we cannot be controlled that has them “watch” and we give knowledge they hoard freely, so it is with true glee we are mankind’s true salvation.

    Interestingly, it is even more ironic that people are more trusting of some hackers then of there own gov’t really tells the tale and when you see the odd bad boy its not of our doing , its some “outsider” who has not the right tools and knowledge or is of themselves being …greedy.

    The fact is they are truly losing this war of freedoms and if we continue to put heavy pressure on them as these “old ones” die off the newer generations are more in tune with a Star Trekkie universe.

    Remember that if it is the Illuminati as George bush and his family have been members of , remember that they want you to hoard knowledge. The more you give freely the less control they have.

  16. about counterfeiting
    OH and if people weren’t so greedy and weren’t so control freaks , the prices would be low enough to actually not have coutnerfeiting.
    Think aobut it if levi’s is selling you jeans at 40$ a pair and someone can make very close quality at 20$ and sell htem at 30 whats that tell you about these republican conservative economic market policies? YA free market my arse. Seems to me that they would rather have a controled facist style police state that they can completely control