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Budget 2009 – Money for Broadband

The Department of Finance website is pitifully slow, but it appears that the government is committing $225 million over the next three years for broadband to unserved communities.  By comparison, the Australian government has committed AU$4.7 billion to a similar initiative. 


  1. Remember the last spike of networking?
    Whatever happened to the Fibre To The Home By 2005 plan? Remember that? Networking is the water, sewage, and roads of the 21st century. National publicly-owned infrastructure starting at 100Mb for about the cost of ADSL? It was like the last spike for the 21st century. Like municipal WiFi and fibre networks, but covering the country. Big digital revolution in medicine, government, work, transportation, and so on. Remember?

    Whatever you do, do not calculate how much you spent on your cable or DSL thus far. It will make you cry. We could have been world leaders, but we got greedy instead of community. No surprises there then.

  2. Fiber pipe to my home a pipe dream
    Fiber to the home would be great but big business would hate it – imagine a public utility providing phone, internet, TV, work at home possibilities, I am sure more uses can be thought of – and when I mean public I mean federal and not for profit! Ah the dream – but thats not democracy…. or is it? Government SHOULD be looking out for public interest – but most times I wonder.

  3. Liars
    Wow. The conservatives lied to you. Surprise surprise. I don’t know why you should be surprised Harper was lying when he promised anything about broadband (or anything else, like no deficits, no real-estate meltdown, no financial mess)… his lips were moving weren’t they?

    Serves y’all (y’all who voted for those clowns anyway — y’all know who y’all are) right for voting for those clowns.

  4. Get Serious
    Yes fiber to the home for only about 10k per house hold in the city. 100k in the country. No problem. Have the government pay for it. Oh but wait, what that, oh yes, it still my taxes that would have to cover it. Sorry 4k just fine for surfing. Sorry if I don’t want to pay so you can download movies faster.