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Nintendo Not Blaming Canada

Nintendo has issued a release summarizing its submission to the USTR in the Special 301 process.  Despite the regular, inaccurate attempts by some groups to paint Canada as piracy haven, Canada is nowhere to be found on the Nintendo list. [hat tip: Game Politics]


  1. Think of the children!!!
    To my mind, they’ve completely undermined any legitimate points they may have with this pathetic, bandwagon jumping statement:

    “It is important for parents to note that if users of circumvention devices are children, they may be exposed to unsuitable content downloaded from the Internet and played on their Nintendo systems,” said Jodi Daugherty, Nintendo of America’s senior director of anti-piracy.

  2. Joseph Fiore says:

    Counterfieting prevention
    Thanks for sharing this news item. Companies like Nintendo ought to consider monitoring online incidents occuring in the social web (text/banner adverts, forums, newsgroups, splogs, classifieds/marketplace listings (both eBay and free platforms) that are being used as vehicles for disseminating and moving counterfieted goods. Not to sound completely contrarian, but perhaps companies concerned with piracy ought to use a different approach than that of involving a slow-moving government entity to keep up and/or stay ahead of the modern day “wild-west” aka [i]the Internet[/i].


  3. George Smiley says:

    US attacks Canada regularly because…
    for the most part our political ‘leaders’ are a bunch of wimps – too docile to use language called for when the USTR and the MPAA/RIAA mafiosi spew their unfounded diatribes against Canada.

    The US *know* that Canada caves in to their demands 99 times out of 100.

    It’s pathetic.