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Survey Association Survey Says Do-Not-Call List Works

The Marketing Research and Intelligence Association, whose members are exempt from the do-not-call list, has conducted a survey that it says shows that the do-not-call list is working.


  1. George Smiley says:

    “Marketing Research and Intelligence Association”.

    Under the circumstances, I would say that this name is an oxymoron.

  2. Spammed in Alberta says:

    That’s funny. They must mean that its working well for their members. Its easy for anyone with a working credit card to download the DNC list and do with it as they may. No need to register as a telemarketer at the DNC site with valid contact info either – Daffy Duck can download a list, so long as his credit card number is valid. In case they ever fix that whups, I have the screenshots to prove it.

  3. oh reeeeaaallly

    Is this the Web page for them?

    oh is that two Bell companies shown here:

    2Bell AliantRUHalifaxNS
    3Bell Canada Market Knowledge CentreRUVerdunQC

    What does the “RU” code stand for?

    B) Corporate Research User:
    Any company or organization which is the end user of marketing and survey research or market intelligence information, which it typically buys from Agencies or conducts itself, to be used for itself.

    Oh. I’m impressed with this independent survey.

  4. You guys are sad.
    You just can’t admit when you’re wrong…

  5. insert name says:

    if you say so
    I don’t think its a matter of right or wrong…

    Its more of a matter of too many holes in the system, and compliance of.

  6. Right… ‘cuz Geist is so impartial, and ioptout is so much more effective at preventing calls and scams, and protecting personal information… (WTF should Geist have my email address?!)

    The Canadian DNCL follows the same model as the US, Australia and Brittain; all of which have been successful. Why should it be any surprise that the Canadian list is just as effective?!

  7. It is okay to add your home phone number but …
    Do not register your cell phone numbers on the Do not call list!!!! You will get calls!!

  8. After registering for the do not call list we still get roughly the same amount of calls on our home phone. The only difference seems to be that they now begin calling at 5:00pm – almost to the moment, the phone begins to ring as we sit down to dinner.

    Unfortunately, I am not receiving telemarketing calls on my cell phone. Up until the registry, I had received a spam call on my phone. It’s become so bad I have my phone shut off unless I need to make a call.

    The list may be working, but I suspect it’s working better for telemarketers than for the average citizen.

    Thanks to the list, we feel like we are under seige.

  9. mixed messages says:

    Many people are seeing scam calls, from out of country using demon dialers that just go through every number. That’s not because of the DNCL. Those are illegitimate businesses that, using this technique would have reached youu without the dncl as the article says. They need to be reported. See phone busters. If you are getting calls from legitimate businesses that you don’t have a relationship with or that you have told you don’t want; then make sure you use the complaints section of the dncl site. There are heavy fines for EACH infraction.