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"Outcries on the lack of transparency in the ACTA negotiations are a distraction."


  1. Dwight Williams says:

    The lack of transparency is the heart of the concerns about the ACTA negotiations.

  2. That the MPAA
    is seeking support for it is going to be a reason, at least for some, to not support ACTA (without having seen the text of ACTA, that includes me).

  3. Shouldn’t that be
    “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”

  4. What charges of conspiracy… We know what the corps and lobbyists are and have always been pushing for. We know what the U.S. has been pushing for (same thing)… Now that the public is shut out, is it an accusation of conspiracy to assume they are still pushing for the same things they always have been in the open and that it will be easier to do in secrecy? It’s just common sense.

  5. Wrong…
    The MPAA is the distraction in regards to any copyright-related discussion. 😉

  6. Dwight Williams says:

    If advised to not notice the person behind the curtain…
    …that advice guarantees obsession over that person doing the hiding.