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Obama and Calderon Back Quick Conclusion to ACTA Talks

U.S. President Barack Obama and Mexican President Felipe Calderón issued a joint statement this week that touched on ACTA, reaffirming "their commitment to the negotiation of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement and charged their administrations to conclude these negotiations soon."


  1. uh-huh..
    Of course obama supports a rapid acceptance of ACTA: after all, ACTA is basically US internal policy, in a meaner form.

  2. You forget
    You’ve accomplished a great feat, those leaders of the United States of America. Over and over you have tested the water and seen favorable results. You have successfully created a society that is somewhat illiterate, weak, you have managed to keep them sick, you have tested them with poverty and homeless, you have tested their resolve by destroying their health care. You have seen them get sicker then ever before, take more medicine and consume more food then ever before. You have passed bill after bill enforcing laws that not only make the people sick but keep them that way, laws that persecute the people who you swore to represent. You are what children learn in school as a dictatorship under the illusion of democracy, and I say Shame On You! I am sick, my stomach churns as I sit and think of how the people have suffered for your transgressions. If only the free world had a true leader. A leader that cared about the people more then corporations who run and hide from environmental or labor laws. Who think it is right to make their customers suffer. But if you do not fight for what you think is right then the powers that be… after slowly testing the water with their feet will dive in and destroy everything your predecessors worked for; and the rights you enjoyed will be gone without your knowledge. You are brining your children into a world you are failing to care for, and leaving them with an enormous debt to pay.