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U.S. Copyright Official Challenges ACTA Criticism

U.S. Copyright Office official Steven Tepp appeared at a Future of Music Coalition debate on ACTA yesterday, arguing that the release of the ACTA text proved the prior concerns wrong. The full debate is available online as Tepp offers gruff responses to fellow panel members, but refuses to answer many other questions on the grounds that the USTR leads on the file.


  1. B MacEachern says:

    More buck-passing
    I notice that seems to be standard practice when you don’t have any adequate responses for those who challenge the nonsens you’re trying to deceptively force upon them.

  2. “arguing that the release of the ACTA text proved the prior concerns wrong”

    poor guy is delusional.

  3. endgame?
    I’ve noticed that everyone is either blase or outraged about ACTA, but does anyone have an endgame plan here?
    or will it simply become another agreement that everybody dislikes?

  4. Captain Hook says:

    RE: endgame?
    Don’t forget ignores.


  5. It will be another agreement that pirates ignore and everyone else is hurt by. I hope whoever sides with american money against canadian citizens on this will never be forgiven.

  6. popularity
    More people need to keep up with this…A small marketing budget appealing to young adults would be a good idea. Advertising on places like facebook, myspace, youtube and using google adwords, would be extremely beneficial. I don’t see nearly enough replies on here considering this law will see allot of people persecuted. A law that supports the capitalist powers rather then the people. It seems the government has forgotten it’s place as a rep of the people and nothing more, it has forgotten to fear the people. Likewise corporations seems to have forgotten that they are nothing without customers. They insist on penalizing the small folk, their biggest customer base, and I honestly hope it bankrupts them. Remind the government who they represent and refuse to purchase services or products from corporations involved in the acta and the dmca like procedures. It’s ironic how Canada and the USA touted to be the free world as we know it, are the first to see corporate dictatorship under the guise of freedom, liberty and equality. The two very countries called “democracy” have been at the forefront of passing legislation that destroys healthcare, encourages poverty/homelessness, persecutes individuals for minor crimes, produces toxic food, hides technological breakthroughs on fuel, hides and even makes illegal cures for diseases that can’t be patent, and all of this is killing us. If there isn’t money to be made the corporate powers will see to it that it never enters our hands. Would it surprise you to know there are cures for a variety of diseases not available in Canada or the US but available elsewhere? This is no longer about copy write, it has passed that line and that issue is infinitesimal compared to the big picture. The issue at hand is now where our privacy lies, what our rights are, and what we own. You’ve seen how corporations handle these issues, they want access to everything we say or do in any way they can obtain it. Corporations want us to have no rights so they can take as they please and run us like a legion of slaves. And if you have seen TOS (terms of service) agreements now adays…they would like if nothing we have or use is ours but rather everything is theirs and they can do with it as they please. This entire process is happening behind closed doors, in secret meetings, in discreet phone calls, and encrypted faxes, so slowly and using complicated legal jargon, to keep us out of the loop. For years I’ve watched, tv, movies, and played games. All of these devices really do is dub you down, and allot of people have decided they don’t want to read. Since the time of the romans devices have been used to keep people illiterate, because if we can’t read then we can be controlled. I’m no conspiracy theorist, I see the facts and I accept them. I am just a young adult concerned with the lack of concern many Canadians have for this law. This law is a gateway into a dark future and if we don’t do everything in our power to stop it then we will be slowly and discreetly enlisted into a dictatorship under the illusion of democracy. People think we have rights like freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press but remember this… We can speak but not against our government, or certain people. We can assemble but not at the g8 or at other such politically significant events. We can publish what we want, but all the media is owned by umbrella corporations with vested interests, ever notice how all the news is depressing, it’s there to keep you mediocre. And remember that many government officials are ridden with greed and corruption. With a little footwork I’m confident you would find many of these government officials with financial ties to the corporations in question, therefore it is also in their best interest to enforce these laws. It’s ironic but most of these people have children, and they are creating a world that is unsafe and unfair. And when the new generation fights our silly war, they will not care to look back at our legacy. But rather they will turn away in disgust and the unethical immorality of the world we have created. Where corporate dominations feeds on a illiterate society of pacifistic people. We plug ourselves into movies, games, and tv to mask a reality we don’t like. But how long before that reality comes knocking at your door and takes your kid away, or puts you in a prison?

    ps: Michael if you want a strong speaker, I think it’s one of my gifts and would be glad to assist you in any way possible.

    Also I think we should all post our letter that we are going tos end to all the contacts here to be critiqued and commented on so we can all make the best letter before sending it. If Michael could create a page or area to do that it would be great, This will be the just of my letter but with a little mmore information regarding the actual bill, and our rights.