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BC FIPA Op-Ed: Is Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore An Agent of Foreign Influence?

Vincent Gogolek of the BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association has a funny but effective op-ed in the Vancouver Sun that recounts recent copyright developments and asks whether James Moore is an agent of foreign influence.


  1. 32
    Moore, James Moore.

  2. Double -oh 32
    was how that previous comment was supposed to read…was auto-shortened somehow.

  3. Agent 0032 says:

    10 out of 10
    That op-ed is brilliant, true, and a fun read. Loved it.

  4. Bytowner says:

    One more question for Richard Fadden to answer
    A pity that it won’t be asked.

  5. CSIS
    Perhaps I am a bit naive, but I have always thought CSIS was doing a pretty good job. I’ve never really researched their competency, nor questioned their judgement, but I’ve always thought of them as taking care of Canada’s interests. I believe Fadden’s statement about foreign control of our politicians is probably valid. My notion, when I first read the statement, was that the Americans and Chinese had set their sites on Canada, and enough of our elected officials have accepted the payoff that, unless we stem the tide, it’ll wash right over us.
    On the other hand, looking for “the enemy within” rarely has positive consequences. My only thought on these two notions is that Fadden was putting out a warning without actually pointing a finger – “CSIS knows a bunch of you are selling our country out, and we are going to give you the opportunity to end it on your own. If you don’t wise up, we’ll do OUR job.”
    I realize it’s pretty speculative, but if CSIS needs time and silence to let this play out, I guess I’m willing to give it to them.

  6. The right thing for him to do
    “Richard Fadden, Chief Spook The Bunker Ottawa” (that cracks me up) should name names and countries and then retire in controversy.