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CSEC Commissioner: Canadians May Have Been Illegally Targeted in Surveillance Activities

The Communications Security Establishment Commissioner released his annual report yesterday with findings that some Canadians may have been the subject of surveillance activities in violation of the law. The finding states:

I had no concern with respect to the majority of the CSEC activities reviewed. However, a small number of records suggested the possibility that some activities may have been directed at Canadians, contrary to law. A number of CSEC records relating to these activities were unclear or incomplete. After in-depth and lengthy review, I was unable to reach a definitive conclusion about compliance or non-compliance with the law.

The Commissioner also recommended the expansion of privacy protections in the context of CSEC assistance to CSIS and acknowledged that " it is in the international sharing of personal information where the risks are higher than for sharing involving domestic partners."  He is working on a report on the sharing of information with Canada's closest international partners that should be concluded within the next few months.
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