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Rogers Tries to Distance Itself From Spectrum Battle But It Can't Run From its Record

The Globe and Mail reports that Rogers Communications is trying to distance itself from this summer's spectrum auction/Verizon battle. Edward Rogers apparently told an investor conference:

"It's been like watching a bit of a soap opera. Rogers has tried to be not as engaged in the dramatics of it and tried, as best we can, [to] offer more of a practical alternative for government, for industry."

Uh huh. So Vice-Chair Phil Lind claiming in July that "everything that they could possibly ask for they're doing for Verizon" was staying out of the fray? Or CEO Nadir Mohamed warning in August that the government's approach could result in slower wireless speeds was offering a practical alternative? Sending a company-wide pre-written email urging employees to write to the government and registering 13 board members to lobby the government was not engaged?  Running advertisements about employees losing their jobs in Moncton wasn't dramatic? Arguing that a fourth carrier won't work in Canada was another practical alternative? The record speaks for itself and no amount of spin will change the fact that Rogers, Bell, and Telus will have to live with the consequences of behaving like "raving lunatics" (in the words of Wind Mobile CEO Anthony Lacavera).
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