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CRTC Expects Carriers Will Implement Two-Year Contracts Before Start of Wireless Code

The CRTC's introduction of a consumer wireless code earlier this month, which notably includes the right to terminate wireless contracts after two years, is expected to put an end to three-year wireless contracts in Canada. The code does not take effect until December 2, 2013, but the CRTC has now indicated that it anticipates that wireless carriers will transition to two-year contracts before that date.

In a letter to the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association this week, the Commission responded to questions about the applicability of the code to contracts that pre-date the December 2nd date. The letter included the following statement in discussing a hypothetical scenario involving a three-year contract signed in October 2013:

Carriers are free to implement any part or parts of the Code prior to the 2 December 2013 implementation date. It would be surprising that in October of 2013 a customer would be offered a plan with a device subsidy with a 36 month term as that would be contrary to the spirit of the Code and the development of a more dynamic marketplace.

In other words, the code may only take effect in December, but the CRTC anticipates carriers will adjust to its "spirit" much sooner.
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Secrecy and the Limits of Transparency

Earlier this week, I appeared on TVO's The Agenda for a wide ranging discussion on secrecy and transparency.  The video of the program is embedded below.
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