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James Moore on Wireless Lobbying: Canadians Know Dishonest Attempts to Skew Debates

Industry Minister James Moore came out swinging yesterday against the incumbent's campaign against Verizon's entry into the Canadian market and a letter from BCE director Anthony Fell. Moore may have been particularly angered at suggestions that the big three were disrespected after a 30 minute meeting with him when few companies have as much access to government officials as BCE. After defending the government's policy, Moore states:

I do not believe the public is misinformed.  I think Canadians know very well what is at stake and they know dishonest attempts to skew debates via misleading campaigns when they see them.  Equally, Canadian consumers know instinctively that more competition will serve their families well through better service and lower prices.

The description of the Bell, Telus and Rogers campaign as dishonest and misleading by the Industry Minister comes on the heels of Prime Minister Harper confirming there would be no change in government policy, company employees talking about being pressured to write letters in support, and competitors such as Videotron calling out the big three for running "a shrill propaganda campaign designed to sow fear." Unless there is some hidden game plan, the scorched-earth lobby tactics employed by Bell, Telus, and Rogers may go down as the most ill-conceived in Canada in recent memory.
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