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Thousands Take to the Streets to Protest ACTA

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The protests against the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement continue to spread in cities across Europe. The protests began in Poland, where thousands have taken to the streets and opposition politicians have worn Guy Fawkes masks in protest against the country signing the agreement last week. The scenes from Poland are remarkable, demonstrating the widespread anger over the decision to join ACTA.

This weekend the protests have spread beyond Poland, with hundreds protesting in the Czech Republic, Belgium, and in cities across France including Paris, Lyon, and Bordeaux (further Paris video here). There have also been reports of smaller protests in London and Dublin. The ACTA protests appear to be spreading as there are plans for protests next week in the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Ireland, and Sweden. A full rundown of protest plans can be found here.  The European Parliament is scheduled to vote on the agreement later this year.

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