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Summary of 61 Reforms to C-61 Blog Postings

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Day 61: The Mysterious Section 3

Day 60: Photography Provisions

Day 59: Statutory Damages Reform - Removes Court Discretion For Reduced Damages

Day 58: Statutory Damages Reform - What It Doesn't Cover

Day 57: Statutory Damages Reform - Uncertainty

Day 56: Interlibrary Digital Loans Must Self-Destruct In Five Days

Day 55: E-Reserve Provisions Require DRM

Day 54: E-Reserve Provisions Less Effective Than Fair Dealing

Day 53: Education Internet Exception Easily Avoided

Day 52: Education Internet Exception Is Harmful

Day 51: Education Internet Exception Is Unnecessary

Day 50: Education Harms - Lessons Contain Limited Definition of Students

Day 49: Education Harms - Lessons May Require DRM

Day 48: Education Harms - Lessons Must Be Destroyed After the Course

Day 47: Education Harms - Lessons Include Special Infringement Provision

Day 46: Education Harms - Lesson Provisions Only Extend To Limited Exceptions

Day 45: Making Available Right and Actual Distribution

Day 44: ILTs - Notice and Takedown for Search Engines

Day 43: ILTs - Safe Harbour Largely Illusory

Day 42: ISP Notice and Notice - No Penalty for False Notices

Day 41: ISP Notice and Notice - Mandatory Data Retention

Day 40: TPMs - No Regular Review Process

Day 39: TPMs - No DRM Labelling Requirement

Day 38: TPMs - No DRM Regulatory Authority

Day 37: TPMs - No Requirement to Unlock for Exceptions

Day 36: TPMs - No Identification of Authorized Circumventers

Day 35: TPMs - Unnecessay Coverage of Circumvention Devices

Day 35: TPMs - Unnecessay Coverage of Circumvention Devices

Day 34: TPMs - LAM and Educational Institution Limitations, Part Two

Day 33: TPMs - LAM and Educational Institution Limitations, Part One

Day 32: TPMs - Perceptual Disability Provisions May Violate AODA

Day 31: TPMs - Restrictions for Canadians with Perceptual Disabilities

Day 30: TPMs - Anti-circumvention and Privacy

Day 29: TPMs - Interoperability Exception Restricts Third Parties

Day 28: TPMs - Interoperability Exception, Linux and DVDs

Day 27: TPMs - Encryption Research Exception Restricts Peer Review

Day 26: TPMs - Encryption Research Exception Requires Notice

Day 25: TPMs - Research Exception Limited to Encryption and Security Testing

Day 24: TPMs - No Exclusion of Non-Infringing Access

Day 23: TPMs - No Exception for Obsolete or Broken Digital Locks

Day 22: TPMs - No Exception for Filtering Programs

Day 21: TPMs - No Exception to Protect Minors

Day 20: TPMs - No Exception for Teaching

Day 19: TPMs - No Exception for Digital Archiving

Day 18: TPMs - No Exception for Personal Uses

Day 17: TPMs - No Exception for Court Cases, Laws, and Government Documents

Day 16: TPMs - No Exception for Fair Dealing

Day 15: TPMs - No Exception for Cell Phones

Day 14: Music Shifting Provision Says Contract Trumps Contract

Day 13: Music Shifting Provision and One Copy Per Device

Day 12: Music Shifting Provision and Private Copying

Day 11: Music Shifting Provision Non-Compatible With Online Music Lockers  

Day 10: Music Shifting Provision May Conflict With Computer Backup Systems

Day 9: Music Shifting Subject To Anti-Circumvention Limitation

Day 8: Time Shifting Provision's Time and Copy Limits

Day 7: Time Shifting Provision Prohibits Network-Based PVRs

Day 6: Time Shifting Provision Excludes Internet-Only Recording

Day 5: Time Shifting Provision Subject to the Broadcast Flag

Day 4: Format Shifting's 12 Step Approval Process

Day 3: Format Shifting Subject to Digital Lock Provision

Day 2: Format Shifting Limited to Videocassettes

Day 1: Remedy the Lack of Consultation

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