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  • Why Copyright? Canadian Voices on Copyright Law

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The Why Copyright? film features a wide range of Canadian voices on copyright. There are many opportunities to add your voice.

Remix - The film is made available under a creative commons license that permits non-commercial re-use. You can download the full DVD version of the film via BitTorrent or a Quicktime .mov version via Vimeo (download link is at bottom of page) or an .mvk version via Vuse.

Respond - An annotated version of the film is available at YouTube. Add your voice by recording a video response to the film. We will embed a selection of the responses on this site.

Remove language barriers - A version of the film has been posted on Dot-Sub, which offers the opportunity to create sub-titles in other languages.

Reply - Comment on the film here. Learn more about speaking out on Canadian copyright here.


Why Copyright? Canadian Voices on Copyright Law

In June 2008, the Canadian government introduced Bill C-61, new copyright legislation that closely followed the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The public response to the bill was both immediate and angry - tens of thousands of Canadians wrote to the Minister and their local Members of Parliament, leading to town hall meetings, negative press coverage, and the growing realization that copyright was fast becoming a mainstream political and policy issue. This film, produced by Michael Geist and Daniel Albahary, asks Canadians from across the country and from a wide range of sectors the question - "why copyright?"


Why Copyright? - Annotated Version

Why Copyright? - Sub-Titled Version