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IIPA Targets Canada Again Over IP Rules

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Monday February 16, 2009
The IIPA, a lobby group for several Hollywood organizations, is back again with another blistering attack on dozens of countries around the world over their IP rules.  Not surprisingly, IIPA would have you believe that Canada is one of the world's worst pirate countries, calling on the USTR to elevate us to the Priority Watch List in the forthcoming Special 301 report.  While the IIPA liked parts of Bill C-61, it rejects the notice-and-notice approach and wants far more resources allocated toward investigation and prosecution of copyright cases.  Thankfully, Canadian officials have criticized the entire Special 301 process, while last year Israel publicly challenged the IIPA "usual inaccuracies and hyperbole."  I discussed some of the reasons why the IIPA lobbying is best ignored in 2007 and 2008.
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JerryCan said:

but I suspect it is part of a dog and pony show so the current party in power can "stand strong" and ensure they won't kowtow to US pressure to change their Canadian DMCA (i.e. bill c61next, which in its current form is what the US/Harper really wants anyway).
February 16, 2009

Canuck Business said:

and gues what its time to lesson the copyright terms for an economic benefit to all of canada. thats right if we lessoned it , it would provide an instant STIMULUS to the economy.

February 17, 2009

Canuck Business said:

exmaples of above
if we lessened books to 25 years then OLD game rpg books could be used to develop new games and spur on a new gaming market. WHY would we want that ?
well if all that cash you need to license and all goes to a BIG corporation it isn't coming to YOU OR ME IN ANY TAXES of worth.
if 20 game companies start up it would mean jobs and loads a taxes.

MUSIC having older tunes be able to be used in loads a things form commercials and other things would enrich and allow for cheaper advertising and marketing costs for everyone, it would also free schools and other places to use music and have more culture.

Does Gene Simmons need more Canadians money?
Nice ya live in such a BIG RICH house eh.

HOW about the Son of Warner brothers who gets caught bit torenting and then they go and do what? Nothing.

and with hollywood having no originality you can see why they are now remaking every decent film of the past i say as soon as they do a remake the older one should become public domain. After all by doing the remake they are saying they will market the new one and they effectively say the old one is no good compared ot the original. The fact is it is all about the most fascist greedy people on earth.

Think of putting lawyers out of work for a change.

February 17, 2009

Canuck Business said:

my responses to what govt really should do
1) say no, old treaty that's proving to harm industries across the board rather then help them.

( music sales have been very healthy in Canada despite you so called non compliance being an issue of ours.)
How about we start sending people to your country to tell you to repeal the treaty cause your causing economic chaos.
2) we value privacy so no.
3) um what about books and movies and tv so ...no and your value of pivate copying isn't our value of it. note no word about downloading.
4)everything is technically a file sharing service. UM say no. Also on that point by "facilitate" you mean breach privacy and point fingers at people when the technology keeps proving faulty and that getting hacked can then be a serious financial burden as you don't care when that happens. Not to mention being dead, hospitalized amongst other things.
5)UM last checked some bust happened for people selling counterfeit dvdrs ( aka TRUE PIRACY )
So wtf are you talking about noob( me to the docment creator). This also shows they actually follow and watch our system to actually see how it works.
6)soon as you said wihtout a court order you lost.
No redress and no way to hold abusers at bay and get back damaged property such as my laptop because i cross you just decide to seize it cause you can and laugh. SCREW YOU HARD.
7)proceeds form distribution and sale and importation of pirated goods

HRm had to think about this but would that apply to file sharing applications by chance by going after application creators and the users of that software, rather then some criminal mastermind ring of dvd counterfeits ??? just seize their bank account and assets , as far as i know when its proved you did crap with proceeds form crime they can be seized , once again telling me that they don't have a clue about Canada. This would also mean ftp software, and other very well used legal applications and your gonna get MASSIVE NUMBERS of people saying screw you so enforcement will be the problem it cannot be done give up now.
8) sorry YOU wanting that buy american , im not buying into paying more taxes to catch some kid at the border with a mp3.
9) high priority , like over what , people getting raped and murdered and assaulted and physically hurt, you bet get right on that for YOU.

HOw about this we wait and see what the BUY AMERICAN means , then if it is what i think then we can drop copyright to nothing and enjoy, nationalize our oil and other resources and then say when you play nice we'll talk , as to actors you aren't into art. its a business right? Art is meant to be shared and your not sharing are you , mine mine mine and mine FOREVER says gene simmons and paul maccartney. we'll your over pricing it too much still and as long as that's the case you cant win.
February 17, 2009

Canuck Business said:

BTW this will educate you also what more you can pirate
mod chipping is legal ....nice now what ya done like yacking more about it is go public with what you can pirate ....thank you.

February 17, 2009

Canuck Business said:

AND THEY WANTED more then bill-c61
yup after we ripped it apart no doubt.
how about we sell our souls to you....satan

me begins to see how chavez might be right about america
February 17, 2009

Canuck Business said:

OH ya why do we need to police the border
they seem to know all about it then get them going into the USA OR go after whose supplying these so called gangs w never see, and as far as i know if i can dl it free why the heck am i buying it form a gang member?
THEY don't care about the legal system, you make it illegal and it drives more people to them you idiots.
February 17, 2009

mliving said:

Watch List Eh!
Sounds pretty serious boys.

Like the U.S will every have any morale standing on this planet again!
February 18, 2009

Alex said:

Israel document link doesn't wok
it's password protected, apparently not for public consumption. Best remove the link
February 20, 2009

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