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Desire2Learn Wins Patent Battle in the U.S.

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Tuesday April 21, 2009
Waterloo-based Desire2Learn has succeeded in getting a preliminary rejection of all 57 claims in a software patent that Blackboard used to sue it for infringement.  I wrote about the original case here.
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United Hackers Association said:

college 1999 - prior art
college 1999 - prior art
based on a circle mud [ http://www.circlemud.org] ( with its liscense intact aka a free for non commercial use ) i designed a method of using the game like structure for interacting and making lessons fun.

While it was turned down by the college the students i worked with in its development loved it. Nothing like interactivity in the dark ages.

YOU could in effect go back to a dikumud and really go for it or if i had more time to develop back then i would have started form scratch and made my own.

all those styles a games offer a way to communicate via crude artificial intelligence pre programmed in.
April 21, 2009

J Lane said:

Great News
If Blackboard's patent claims are upheld, then it would be extremely difficult for anyone to get a foothold competing with them in the LMS market. WebCT/Blackboard are already lacking in a lot of ways. With no competition, I can't see that improving.
April 21, 2009

Riley August said:

Joke Patent
This is why software patents in Canada are illegal, idiocy like this. I'm going to extend to my department at Ottawa U here that we slap down a do-not-deal policy on Blackboard.
April 22, 2009

Anonymous said:

Joke Patent: response
The same patent granted in Canada in February 2009... the system is broken.
April 27, 2009

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