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Billboard Reports Canadian Copyright Consultation This Summer

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Wednesday June 03, 2009
Billboard reports what has been long rumoured (and was indicated by a Clement spokesperson in April) - the government will launch a consultation on copyright this summer with the goal of bringing forward a bill by the end of the year.
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Dan Goodchild said:

Wow. They're not even trying to hide it any more.
The second-to-last paragraph in the story is truely disturbing. It basically states that the recording industry wants to be able to sue ISPs for file sharing activities of their customers; effectively turning ISPs into content cops. Mind you, I don't expect the government to last long enough to actually get the bill passed. In fact, I don't expect it to last long enough to begin the consultation process.
June 03, 2009

Anon said:

No kidding
Dan, good pickup. Since a company will be liable for an illegal use of their product/service, I suppose that you'll see the Canadian banks going to court defending against facilitating money laundering, the auto companies for their vehicles being used to transport drugs and in robberies, sports equipment manufacturers because someone used their baseball bat to kill someone. OK, I'm stretching a bit here, but the spirit stands.
June 03, 2009

Fred said:

How appropriate that this should break in an American outlet.
June 03, 2009

Anon said:

Consider me a citizen of the Netherlands once this bill gets passed
June 21, 2009

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