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Australian Music, Software Groups Back Away From Internet Termination

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Monday June 06, 2011
The Australian Content Industry Group, which includes the music industry's anti-piracy arm and the book, computer software and video game industries, has backed away from a call for a three strikes system leading to termination of Internet accounts. The group is still calling for "mitigation measures" but says loss of Internet access is not among them.
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Crockett said:

Considering the United Nations has said such actions are a violation of international civil rights, I would think this a prudent move.

The question becomes ... What weird tactic will the content industry come up with to fail at next?
June 06, 2011

I am not buying it said:

Look at actions, not words
When evaluating what they say, remember that United Nations is a club of dictators and their masters, headquartered in USA.
June 06, 2011

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