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Bill C-11 and the Hazards of Digital Lock Provisions

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Monday February 13, 2012
The Electronic Frontier Foundation has a pair of excellent posts on Bill C-11 and the dangers of the digital lock rules. The first focuses specifically on digital lock rules and the second on U.S. pressure on Canadian copyright reform.
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gary64 said:

erstwhile free thinker
Canada's historical attempts to find a solution to intellectual property protection less draconian than the US DCMA would seem to now be in great peril - judging by the measures proposed in bill C-11, which can only be described as Fascist.

I doubt that we will ever see the open and rational discussion necessary to re-define the very substance and worth of 'intellectual property' in the digital age - the core of this whole matter. Unless the value of IP includes a consideration of its worth to society as whole, (not just individual ownership rights), we'll never succeed at developing fair policy and regulations.
February 15, 2012

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