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NGN Drops File Sharing Lawsuit Involving Distributel Subscribers

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Tuesday November 05, 2013
The Wire Report reports (sub req) that NGN Prima Productions has dropped its copyright lawsuit over alleged file sharing by subscribers of Distributel, an independent ISP operating in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. Distributel fought back against a motion to disclose the names of its subscribers earlier this year, an approach that appears to have been vindicated by the decision to drop its motion to compel disclosure of subscriber names.
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Kelly Manning said:

:Law practices founded on made up claims
ISPs contesting demands to disclose information were one of the notable factors in the demise of Patent Troll firm Prenda law.


"Prenda's practice is to first file federal copyright infringement lawsuits against fictitiously-named "John Doe" defendants, and to then issue subpoenas to the Internet service providers (ISPs) associated with those IP addresses.
In a footnote, Wright wryly observed that $81,319.72 "is calculated to be just below the cost of an effective appeal", a nod to his finding that plaintiffs' settlement demands were set "just below the cost of a bare-bones defense".
February 16, 2014

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