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Senate Heading Toward Investigation Into Bell's Privacy Practices

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Friday December 06, 2013
Conservative Senator Leo Housakos this week raised the possibility of a hearing into Bell's privacy practices in light of recent disclosures involving collection and use of data for targeted advertising purposes. Housakos gave notice of a motion for a hearing by the Standing Senate Committee on Transport and Communications involving Bell and the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

Housakos raised concerns about Bell's practices in the Senate last month, noting:

Therefore, the fundamental question is: What should we permit as a society? Where do we draw the line between what is private information and what can reasonably be shared with the general public as well as advertisers? We, as a society, must address these questions before media companies render it a moot point.
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Kf said:

Will there ever be a nation-wide internet infrastructure that isn't owned, operated or restricted by a media oligarchy? Imagine the possibilities for technological and commercial innovation when such an infrastructure isn't manipulated for profiteering by self-interested groups.
December 06, 2013

Bon morrisey said:

December 08, 2013

Kelly Richard said:

Bell's NSA Connection
Bell are key partners with CGI... http://www.fasken.com/bell-can...-with-cgi/

CGI do spying & data collection for the NSA...

"At CGI, we’re in the business of satisfying clients. For more than 30 years, we’ve partnered with U.S. defense, civilian, and intelligence agencies"... http://www.nhdf.org/7-national...biting/cgi


“CGI greatly values its continuing partnership with DHS in support of its mission to protect the homeland, prevent terrorism, enforce and administer immigration laws, promote commerce and respond to disasters”...


CGI employee, Barbara Fast, speaking for - The director of the NSA, Gen. Keith B. Alexander...


CGI employee speaking in video above... http://www.cgi.com/en/management/barbara-fast


"CGI's Initiative for Collaborative Government"...“Government today collaborates with the private sector in executing a broad range of mission and administrative functions," said Andrew McLauchlin, Co-Director of the Initiative and Executive Consultant at CGI. “Specific examples of “collaborative government" include solution approaches such as service acquirer-provider relationships, public-private partnerships and cross-jurisdiction data exchanges, just to name a few. The Initiative is focused on helping federal government agencies capitalize on collaborative government models to enhance mission results."...


"CGI today announced it was awarded a position on a new Blanket Purchase Agreement to provide cyber security continuous diagnostic and mitigation tools, as well as Continuous Monitoring as a Service for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The $6 billion multiple-award contract vehicle has a five-year work period."...


"Former DND Official, Ken Taylor, appointed to CGI's National Cyber Security Unit..."Ken will work closely with both government and commercial clients as part of the newly formed Canadian Defence, Public Safety and Intelligence unit under the leadership of Lieutenant-General (retired) Andrew Leslie."...

December 09, 2013

Edith Horvath said:

Urgent have collected many pertanent information re this topic to help with the investigation. pls contact me at 705 737-7447
February 11, 2014

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