HKU: Global Information Law and Practice

Course Information – January 2018 (as of January 17, 2018)


This course examines the legal and policy issues relating to information technology (IT) from a comparative, global perspective.  It covers wide range of issues involving how national governments regulate the technology of internet and how private citizens’ rights relating to internet are protected. Issues to be canvassed include privacy and personal data, internet jurisdiction, regulation of internet marketing, issues in electronic transactions, internet governance, domain name business models and disputes, intellectual property challenges for new business models, legal issues raised by cloud computing, as well as net neutrality and telecom regulation.

Each class will feature lecture and discussion on a specific topic with an emphasis on a comparative, global perspective that analyses legal, policy and regulatory approaches in Asia, North America, and Europe. Students will write a paper examining a related issue and provide the class with a short presentation on their preliminary findings.


The course grade is comprised of two parts.

1. 25% for a short class presentation on preliminary research on the final paper topic or a presentation on a relevant issue drawn from the student’s professional practice or experience. Presentations will occur during the last two days of the course.

2. 75% for a final paper on a topic related to the course. Paper topics must be approved by the professor in advance. Paper submission deadline is Monday, April 30, 2018 at 17:00.

Class Structure

Each class will begin with a brief mini-case study modelled on the business school case study approach. Students will consider the fact pattern, briefly partner to discuss potential responses, and then engage in a class-wide discussion. The case study will be followed by a seminar/lecture format that will include lectures, discussion, and video presentations. Class powerpoints will be posted after class.