CWTA Divided Over Consumer Protection Laws for Wireless Services

Tuesday January 18, 2011
Mobilicity, one of the new wireless entrants, has issued a stinging release criticizing the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association over its response to the Manitoba consultation on consumer protection for wireless users.  The release includes:

"We deeply disagree with the CWTA's disregard for the need for more consumer protection not only in the province of Manitoba, but right across our country," said Mobilicity President and CEO Dave Dobbin in response to the CWTA's submission on the Manitoba Consumer Protection Office's Public Consultation Paper: Improving Consumer Protection on Cell Phone/Wireless Contracts).

"We are exceptionally disappointed with the CWTA's lack of foresight in continuing to act only in the interests of the Big Three wireless oligopoly," added Dobbin. "As members of the CWTA, we repeatedly voiced our opposition to its submission to no avail."

In its submission, the CWTA contends that "consumers are better served by open competitive markets and a self-regulated wireless industry with a strong Code of Conduct." Mobilicity believes that this self-regulating Code of Conduct has proven completely ineffective in protecting consumers.