Episode 42: What Does the Canada-US-Mexico Trade Agreement Mean for Digital Policy?

The ratification of the Canada – US- Mexico Trade Agreement has captured considerable attention with several committees studying Bill C-4, the bill aimed at ratifying the deal. Over the past month, I’ve had the opportunity to appear before two of those committees – the House of Commons Standing Committee on International Trade and on Industry, Science and Technology – where I discussed the digital law and policy implications the agreement. This week’s podcast features excerpts from those appearances, including my opening statement and the ensuing discussion with several MPs on copyright term extension, cultural policy, and privacy.


  1. Cassandra D. Everhart says:

    It’s good that they have made something like agreement. http://www.abcpressurewashingorlando.com/drphillips

  2. I think that the agreement we have with Canada and Mexico is much better than it was. All agreements should be a win-win for all parties. Time will tell.

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