Canada’s Upcoming Copyright Clash

The Literary Review of Canada's June issue is about to hit the newsstands and it includes The Upcoming Copyright Clash, an essay I wrote on copyright reform in Canada.

The essay brings together several themes that I've written about in the past including the value of the Canadian public domain and the danger associated with potential copyright term extension. It argues for a positive vision of copyright reform incluing the creation of a national digital library and greater usage rights for content created by the CBC, Canada's public broadcaster.

In recent weeks I've expanded on that positive vision in several talks that focus on the need to create a public domain registry, follow the Australian lead in considering whether fair dealing is sufficient, dropping crown copyright and statutory damages in non-commercial infringement cases, as well as developing a regulatory environment that facilitates user-based creativity.

More on the some of those proposals soon. In the meantime, my thanks to the great editors at LRC for working to bring my views on this issue to a new audience.

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  1. link to file doesn’t work
    link to file doesn’t work