Liberal Response to Net Neutrality

Julianna Yau posts a response she received from a Liberal MP on net neutrality.  The response notes the deregulatory approach at the CRTC and states that "this approach does not afford proper recognition to the rights of Canadian internet users, and has resulted in the problems we are beginning to see now in terms of internet providers’ practice of throttling internet connections."


  1. Am I missing something?
    Perhaps there is something I am missing, but the response said the internet is currently unregulated in Canada, and then in the same paragraph that the CRTC is mandated to regulate the internet. So, I went to the CRTC web site, and I found was:

    \”The CRTC does not regulate rates, quality of service issues or business practices for Internet Service Providers. The market is competitive and consumers should shop around to find the one that most suits their needs and budget. Consumers experiencing difficulties should contact their service providers quickly to resolve the problem.\”

    Net Neutrality is a quality of service issue. Transparency in what is actually done in terms of throttling is a business practice issue. Arguably, the backbone that the ISPs connect to could be under the CRTC umbrella, since the regulated voice traffic is all digital now. Of course, the CRTC still allows Bell to charge me $2.90 per month for touch tone service… Can you even get pulse dialing any more?

  2. Rick in Delta says:

    Net nutrality
    Someone here is not being honest here, to “regulate the internet” infers
    to any reasonable mind, steps ensuring the fidelity and quality achieved in the exchange of all forms of communication, by all parties and at all levels is not tampered with or otherwise interfered with by any party.
    Anything less makes the whole system a totally useless tool for communication and commerce.
    Any government body which refuses to act in the interests of Canadian citizens, then lacks the right to any valid claim to exist as legitimate representatives of Canadians.
    In this case that could be said to be true regarding both the CRTC and the Liberal Party of Canada.

  3. Hands off says:

    hands off approach
    When you actually read the letter you can see that Julianna Yau got the brush off.

    The MP says he will pass it to the industry minister to reply to. But we already know what our Industry minister said about this when Angus went face to face with him.

    To date the industry minister has not replied to a single letter which we know MANY internet users sent him, as documented on DSLreports.

    This MP took a “hands-off approach” and passed the buck.

  4. Liberal Response
    Interesting non-response. I don’t honestly know who is worse – the Liberals or Conservatives. I think it’s about time we clean house of BOTH of these parties’ members (the only difference between them is the colour they wear) and start fresh with elected officials that will LISTEN to their constituents.

    Seems the only one who has done ANY research into this is Charlie Angus. I’ve never been NDP, but he seems to be on the ball, which is a lot more than I can say for anyone else. As to the Conservative who is scared of Facebook?? Oh, boy!! That says it all.

    Way too much buckling to appease our southern neighbour and big businesses.

    The only time we count is when they’re begging for our votes. After the election, the constituent doesn’t exist, until the next election.