European Court of Justice Strikes Down Private Copying Levy

The European Court of Justice has ruled against a private copying levy in Spain, concluding that it cannot be “”imposed indiscriminately.”

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  1. Umm … forgot to put that part in.
    Well this sort of speaks against the Canadian solution, but it has always been a half assed method to me anyways. I can understand people saying why does it apply only to CDs and others asking why does it apply at all? In it’s current form it doesn’t make any sense, as the number of people who backup or shift music to such legacy technology must be tiny and diminishing. The ratio of legitimate non-music uses of the CD format must now far outweigh the other.

    So on one hand we have a tax that is being unfairly levied and on the other a source of income that is not bringing in as much as was intended. Certainly a topic to be revisited, yet not addressed in C-32 at all.