“From Radical Extremism to Balanced Copyright”: Canadian Copyright and the Digital Agenda

“From Radical Extremism to Balanced Copyright”: Canadian Copyright and the Digital Agenda (Irwin Law, 2010).  Book available under a Creative Commons licence. Individual chapter links posted below.

Canadian Copyright and the Digital Agenda cover

Full text of the book

Individual Chapters

Geist, Introduction

Part One: Context

Bannerman, Copyright: Characteristics of Copyright Reform

Haggart, North American Digital Copyright, Regional Governance, and the Potential for Variation

Tawfik, History in the Balance: Copyright and Access to Knowledge

Nair, Fair Dealing at a Crossroads

Drassinower, The Art of Selling Chocolate: Remarks on Copyright’s Domain

Goudreau, Réforme du droit d’auteur et interprétation judiciaire

Part Two: Technology

Craig, Locking Out Lawful Users: Fair Dealing and Anti-Circumvention in Bill C-32

Geist, The Case for Flexibility in Implementing the WIPO Internet Treaties: An Examination of the Anti-Circumvention Requirements

Kerr, Digital Locks and the Automation of Virtue

Perry, The Protection of Rights Management Information: Modernization or Cup Half Full?

Lametti, How Virtue Ethics Might Help Erase C-32’s Conceptual Incoherence

Part Three: Creativity

Hagen, “Modernizing” ISP Copyright Liability

Reynolds, Towards a Right to Engage in the Fair Transformative Use of Copyright‑Protected Expression

Piper, An “Independent” View of Bill C-32’s Copyright Reform

Gervais, User-Generated Content and Music File-Sharing: A Look at Some of the More Interesting Aspects of Bill C-32

Sundara Rajan, Culture Matters: Why Canada’s Proposed Amendments to its Copyright Law Should Revisit Moral Rights

Part Four: Education

Wilkinson, Copyright, Collectives, and Contracts: New Math for Educational Institutions and Libraries

Trosow, Bill C-32 and the Educational Sector: Overcoming Impediments to Fair Dealing

Part Five: Access

Scassa, Copyright Reform and Fact-Based Works

Judge, Enabling Access and Reuse of Public Sector Information in Canada: Crown Commons Licenses, Copyright, and Public Sector Information