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Education and Library Groups Speak Out Against Bill C-61

The Canadian Library Association (which calls the new consumer rights "smoke and mirrors"), CAUT ("the effective end of fair dealing"), Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences ("not good news for the education and research communities"), and the Canadian Federation of Students ("bill was tabled this summer without any […]

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June 18, 2008 Comments are Disabled News

Libraries in the Digital Age

The Globe and Mail features a terrific article today on the transformation of community libraries.  Far from disappearing in the digital age, libraries are experiencing dramatic increases in both visits and circulation.  The article notes that the Grande Bibliothèque in Montreal gets 8,000 visitors per day, while other libraries are […]

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January 10, 2007 3 comments News

30 Days of DRM – Day 22: Libraries (Circumvention Rights)

Early in the series, I discussed the need for DRM-free library deposits as part of the legislated library deposit program that seeks to preserve Canadian heritage.  There are additional library issues, however, that merit discussion.  Section 30.1 of the Copyright Act grants libraries (as well as archives and museums) special rights to copy works in order to preserve or manage their collections.  These are important rights and any anti-circumvention legislation must not be permitted to render them ineffective.

Section 30.1(1) provides that, under certain circumstances:

It is not an infringement of copyright for a library, archive or museum or a person acting under the authority of a library, archive or museum to make, for the maintenance or management of its permanent collection or the permanent collection of another library, archive or museum, a copy of a work or other subject-matter, whether published or unpublished, in its permanent collection

The circumstances that permit such copying include a copy that is:

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September 9, 2006 Comments are Disabled News