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Patriot Act and B.C. Privacy Submission Posted

Professor Geist has released a report, co-authored with Milana Homsi examining the effect of U.S. law, particularly the Patriot Act, on Canadian privacy law. The report comes in response to concerns in British Columbia over a proposed government outsourcing of health data. The report conclusions have implications for any outsourcing […]

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U.S. laws put Canadian privacy at risk

Although it has garnered only limited attention in the rest of the country, for the past few months the British Columbia privacy and information technology communities have been embroiled in a high-stakes issue that raises difficult questions about the effectiveness of Canadian privacy law and the potential threat posed by […]

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Patriot Act paper

see: CAIP v. SOCAN also see: ISPs Free From Paying Royalties for Downloads

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Bangladesh Minister Says E-Business Law on the Way

A top official with the Bangladesh Ministry of the Science and Information Communications Technology says an e-business law is on the way.  

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UNESCAP References Techlawed Project

The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific references the Techlawed Project as a follow-up to its recent conference on e-commerce law harmonization in the region. UNESCAP is one of several UN agencies that has agreed to work with Techlawed volunteers on future projects.  

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