E-commerce and the Law

I’ve been quoted in several news articles this week that highlight interesting e-commerce legal issues

The Wall Street Journal assessed typo pricing on e-commerce sites and the extent to which sites are bound by the errors. I noted that many sites now include provisions that seek to protect them against obvious pricing errors.

The Toronto Star today covers lawyers’ growing use of the web and blogs to influence the court of public opinion. This is increasingly common in the U.S. where the Michael Jackson type cases are as much entertainment as legal news. That is less the case in Canada (Air India type cases are news not entertainment) but I still think it is likely that the Canadian legal community will make increasing use of the Web.

Finally, the Montreal Gazette provided a Canadian perspective on the recent case involving Wal-Mart and a U.S. student who was served with a legal demand letter to take down his critical website. While the proposed Canadian copyright reform plan would provide better protection, the Special 301 report makes it very clear that there will be significant pressure in the coming months to shift toward the U.S. approach.

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