Podcasts and Broadcasts

I recently spent about 40 minutes chatting with Amber MacArthur for the Inside the Net podcast program. You can listen to the discussion (which suffer from some poor Skype audio quality) on music and the law, the clip culture, and net neutrality here.  Meanwhile, TVO is broadcasting my Hart House lecture this weekend on their Big Ideas program. Their podcast version of the broadcast is available here.


  1. Ray Maruschak says:

    List of sites in Big Ideas lecture?
    Any chance of getting a list of the interesting sites you list during your Hart House lecture?

  2. Bruce Mills says:

    I was hoping that a transcript of your lecture would be available on your website so I could check out all the great sites you mentioned. It would be an invaluable resource for all netizens.

  3. Kyle Schaper says:

    Podcast Title
    Amber and Leo’s show is called Inside the Net, not In the Net.

  4. Kyle Schaper says:

    Wow, you changed that small glitch fast. Impressed… I really enjoyed listening to your discussion on that episode, too. I would like to hear more of you if possible.