Then and Now

CRIA's appearance on May 15th before the CRTC this week featured some remarkable changes in position from its filing on March 15th.  After emphasizing that CRIA was only representing the interests of the big four major labels at the hearing, CRIA President Graham Henderson showed just how much difference three months can make in  discussing CRIA contributions, Cancon, and FACTOR funding.



"CRIA members invest in excess of $50 million annually in the careers of Canadian artists and in the creation, production, and distribution of their music."


"Last year alone major labels invested in excess of $10 million in the production of masters recorded by Canadian artists."


"If the Commission is, however, persuaded to increase the overall Canadian content requirements, we would ask that the Commission give serious consideration to some form of credit or bonusing scheme that would allow broadcasters to lower their overall Canadian content levels to what we conceive to be a normative level of 35%."


"I think it was a misunderstanding. Our original proposition never envisaged going below 35. I have to apologize everyone who formed the opinion based on reading those paragraphs that we were proposing something that started at 35 and would allow people to go. I read this in the newspaper today, and it is just not what we said. In the aftermath, when you look at it and you realize that it is 56 tracks, 56 new spins, while it's significant, it's not onerous. Forty percent seems to be a reasonable number; 35 percent we deem to be an optimal number that the system seems to be able to support with new and emerging acts in the mix."


"CRIA submits that there is no longer a rationale for concentrating additional CTD contributions within FACTOR. While CRIA supports the prospect of a reasonable minimum base funding being maintained for FACTOR in the context of licence transfers or licence renewals, we submit that any funding over and above this base amount will not help us move the yardsticks, as it is unlikely that 'radio ready' artists will emerge from funding in this sector of the ecosystem."


"We do not support any capping of FACTOR's CTD funding.  In fact, we support an increase in such funding from any new CTD requirements subject, of course, to the appropriate rules regarding accountability, transparency and monitoring."


  1. Perplexed says:

    The recorded facts
    The recorded facts demonstrate that CRIA’s leadership does not tell the truth. Here we have public record that demonstrates this fact. If this organization is prepared to be dishonest in public record, how can anyone trust any other statements that come from that organization.

    We also know that CRIA hires pollsters to create half truths representing Canadian opinions, and then presenting those half truths to substantiate CRIA’s twisted views that Canadians want Record Industry intrusions (DRM) on their personal property and lives.

    CRIA presents half truths about WIPO adoption in western countries. They neglect to say that while many countries have agreed to look at WIPO, few have enacted a complete set of laws and that many are questioning the parts of WIPO that appear to intrude on citizen rights.

    At one time, CRIA claimed to represent 95% of all Canadian music. We now know that all but the 4 major American record labels remain as members. CRIA has been abandoned by ALL of the Canadian record labels and has been denounced by Canadian artists.

    CRIA has stated in public record that they don’t care about French Canada. I suspect that Quebecois don’t speak enough American for them.

    Graham takes out an article in a US media magazine lamenting how bad Canada is for the entertainment business.

    Based on this, one can only conclude that:

    – CRIA has a hard time telling the truth. EVERYTHING that they say MUST be verified by indepentant research.
    – CRIA should change it’s name to ARCWOIC (American Recording Companies With Offices In Canada). In truth, final ownership is based in international companies but the Americans are the powerhouse and set most of the rules.
    – When anyone from CRIA makes a statement to any Canadian government office, the government representatives should properly discount their views as anti-Canadian, anti-Canadian music industry and anit-French Canadian. ARCWOIC should be directed to Trade and Heritage should refuse to listen to them.
    – Graham should leave Canada and return to the US where his powerful lobbyists/friends can buy politicians and he can finally be happy. I hope that he doesn’t treat his family and personal friends the way that he treats the public. It takes a lot of time to vent the bile and be nice at home.

    Alternatively, the executives of the record companies can start looking for a business model that is less hostile to music lovers and embrace Canada as a unique market – with a stong multicultural affinity.

    We will know that the recording companies have re-committed to Canada when they have fired Graham Henderson, fired their polling companies and when the independant recording companies support their position.

    I would like to say that CIRPA could perform that role, but they need to do some house cleaning as well before they can be viewed as independant. Their new President has strong connections to Universal Music, the same organization that produced Graham Henderson.

    It would be good for the public to know just how strong the Universal connection is to the various associations that compose the “fabric” of the music industry. I think that government and public would be surprised just to see how well placed former Universal employees are in the multitude of organizations who share in a piece of the music pie. Graham just seems to be the most brazen of the bunch and as a result, he is less dangerous than the quiet majority.

    So there we go, I rant again.

  2. C.R.I.A = Can’t Really Inform Accuratel
    $50 million, Oops meant to say $10 million… Recommend 35%, no really we mean 40%… FACTOR doesn’t help move the yardsticks, Oops I guess they really should factor in…

    Ohmigosh the CRTC commissions must still be LOL. What an embarassment for the big four major entertainment companies too.

  3. Perplexed …
    Careful now, you might start sounding like a Pro-Consumer Zealot(tm)! Public enemy #1 for liberal MP’s everywhere. Oh wait, we voted them out of office for exactly these sorts of lies and deceit. Guess you are ok!

    What we need are “Pro-Consumer Zealot” t-shirts and baseball caps. You know, the things us consumers like to buy. And iPods full of independent music from everywhere … including Quebec, and easy ways to pay fair prices for the things that give us pleasure, and the feeling that we are closer to the artists who we care about rather than fighting a wall of lobby groups and lawyers.

    We know that buying music that makes the artists want (and be able to) continue to give us pleasure. We “get” capitalism.

    Lies? Corruption? Decption? Low grade ethics? Those are the things I don’t want to pay for.