Conservatives Rerun New Year Card Issue

Fresh off the controversy involving Jewish New Year cards, yesterday I received an email from a reader angry over having received a Chinese New Year card from Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  The same privacy issues again come to the fore – the person is not Chinese and is upset that the Conservatives apparently have a database that makes assumptions about people based on name or address.


  1. Here we go again…
    He just doesn’t want to learn from past errors…or see them as errors, for that matter.

  2. A government that doesn’t take ‘spamming’ as a serious problem.

  3. Christopher Mercer says:

    Senior IT Consultant
    I just got something from Layton’s office. Have not opened it but is this really a privacy issue? I can see a point abaout making assumptions but is it really privacy? I been getting cards from politician’s for years. Some I voted for, some I did not.