Mounting Calls for Net Neutrality Action

Add the National Union of Public and General Employees and the Council of Canadians to the list concerned with net neutrality.  The CBC provides additional coverage.


  1. Nice
    Great find! Thanks for posting the links.

  2. mr peepers says:

    Bell and Rogers are colluding to fix the price and services offered – they both throttle p2p and both have similar bit caps and their prices are pretty much the same and they pretty much control all of Ontario.. The only alternate option consumers have is a 3rd party DSL provider and now Bell is eliminating this option completely! People need to to be aware of what is happening so I hope these organizations continue to take a stance on this issue and the CBC keeps up the good work as I don’t see any Rogers or BCE owned news outlets reporting any of this (unless I have missed it which I may have).

  3. Russell McOrmond says:

    Separating the competitive access issues
    An article for IT World Canada’s BLOG may help clarify some of the specifics…

    Separating the competitive access issues from the Net Neutrality issues.
    [ link ]

  4. and the Stop The Throttler! campaign:
    [ link ]

  5. Steve Smith says:

    Something very strange has happend to my Bell DSL since they announced the shaping.. I am now getting an extra 200Kbs(from 369 to 560 roughly) from bell on downloads during peak time.. Could they be shaping the service so that the 3rd party isp’s can’t match their service?

  6. Craig Barnes says:

    This is monopolizing against the public interest by entities that could be very soon foreign controlled. A matter of National Interest and Security.