Government Releases Cyber Security Strategy

The Government has released its cyber-security strategy.  The document provides limited details on a serious plan to address online security concerns, though it does confirm that there are plans to reintroduce lawful access legislation.


  1. Sigh…
    Always one step forward, two steps back.

  2. Something missing
    There’s something missing from the “Understanding Cyber Threats” section.

    Those closed source, patented/copyrighted/DRMed applications that no one but their authors know what they are really doing. Like those iPhone/Android applications that “phone home” to their creators sending a wealth of personal information without the user being aware of what’s really happening.

    Check here:

    or here:

    Time to check again what closed source/DRM are really about.


  3. RE:Napalm
    Very good observations, Napalm. When it comes to a privacy/proprietary software/DRM standpoint, the iPhone OS is proabably the worst of the two (and Windows Phone 7 will probably be just as bad). At least Android is Free-as-in-freedom software to an extent.

    BTW, the term “closed source” just doesn’t send the right message. “Proprietary” is a more accurate term, FYI.