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Government To Delay Implementation of Bill C-11’s Internet Provider Rules

The government is slated to bring Bill C-11, the copyright reform bill, into effect next week without the “notice-and-notice” rules for Internet providers. The revelations come in a Privy Council document that provides notification on when the bill will come into force. It is expected that the order bringing the […]

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October 31, 2012 4 comments News

De Gucht Says “No Illusions” About Difficult CETA Issues

EU Commissioner Karel de Gucht says that there should be “no illusions” about the remaining difficult issues in the Canada – EU Trade Agreement, suggesting that completion by the end of the year remains uncertain. De Gucht indicated that CETA once included ACTA language, but says that has now been […]

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October 31, 2012 1 comment Must Reads

Government Announces Plan To Open “White Spaces” Spectrum

Industry Minister Christian Paradis announced yesterday that the government is “opening up unused spectrum between TV channels – the so-called “white space” – for licence-exempt applications.” The government consulted on the issue last year. I wrote about white spaces in 2009.

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October 31, 2012 4 comments Must Reads

The CRTC in 2017: “They Trust us to Defend their Interests as Citizens, as Creators & as Consumers”

Jean-Pierre Blais, the CRTC Chair, delivered a major address yesterday in which he sketched out his vision of the Commission in 2017. He envisions a CRTC that is trusted by Canadians a defender of their interests and that places Canadians at the centre of policy making. Blais acknowledged public skepticism about the CRTC and pledged “to earn their trust, every day, in every action and in every decision.”

Blais provided a vision that hits on many issues that should form part of Canada’s long missing digital economy strategy. CRTC activity includes:

  • the creation of a Chief Consumer Officer to ensure the CRTC “examine all the issues before us through a consumer-focused lens.”
  • the creation of wireless code of conduct
  • ensuring Canadians have maximum choice of providers and platforms
  • transparency in costing data of wholesale services
  • accessibility for all Canadians
  • broadband availability of downloads of 5 Mbps and uploads for 1 Mbps for all Canadians by 2015
  • enforcing do-not-call and anti-spam legislation
  • a broad definition of creators to include anyone that creates, distributes or promotes content
  • protection against cellphone theft

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October 30, 2012 6 comments News

Canadian Conference for the Arts Shutting Down

The Globe reports that the Canadian Conference for the Arts is shutting down, ending a 67-year record as a major arts advocacy group.

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