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The Access Copyright – Staples Suit: The Statement of Claim

In my first post on the Access Copyright suit against Staples/The Business Depot, I noted that I had not seen the statement of claim and therefore could not comment fully on the case.  I have now seen the claim and remain puzzled that Access Copyright is bringing this lawsuit.  From a legal perspective, it looks like an almost sure loser – the Supreme Court of Canada ruled on many of these same issues only three years ago and sided strongly against the publishers (who in this case are effectively represented by Access Copyright).

Access Copyright claims that there is both direct and authorized copyright infringement and that it needs both injunctive relief (it would like to shut down Staples/The Business Depot photocopying business) and punitive damages to account for the fact that "the actions of Business Depot have been high-handed, reckless and in blatant disregard of the copyright interests of Access Copyright."  So how, according to Access Copyright, has Staples/The Business Depot infringed copyright?

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November 18, 2007 9 comments News

Access Copyright Sues Staples/The Business Depot for Copyright Infringement

Access Copyright has launched a $10 million lawsuit against Staples/The Business Depot for unauthorized copying by store customers.  The copyright collective claims this is the largest lawsuit ever launched over copyright infringement of published works in Canada.  Given the high stakes, this is the sort of case that could end […]

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November 15, 2007 12 comments News

Ipod Levy May Yet Face The Music

Appeared on August 6, 2007 in the Toronto Star as Copyright Collective May Yet Face the Music Canada's private copying levy, which adds 21 cents to the price of every blank CD to compensate the music industry for personal copying, has long been a magnet for controversy, yet few would […]

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August 6, 2007 3 comments Columns Archive

Katz on Misleading Copyright Notices and Access Copyright

Ariel Katz, a law professor at the University of Toronto, has a must-read posting that links this week's discussion about overbroad copyright notices with those that Access Copyright demands be included in university coursepacks.

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August 3, 2007 Comments are Disabled News

The End of Captain Copyright

Digital Copyright Canada is first out to note that Access Copyright has pulled the plug on Captain Copyright.  The Captain generated enormous criticism earlier this year when the lessons, which targeted children as young as Grade One, came to light.  Access Copyright suggests that it is too difficult in the […]

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February 5, 2007 2 comments News