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Australian Music, Software Groups Back Away From Internet Termination

The Australian Content Industry Group, which includes the music industry’s anti-piracy arm and the book, computer software and video game industries, has backed away from a call for a three strikes system leading to termination of Internet accounts. The group is still calling for “mitigation measures” but says loss of […]

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June 6, 2011 2 comments News

Australia Releases National Digital Economy Strategy

As new Canadian Industry Minister Christian Paradis prepares to provide an update on the delayed Canadian digital economy strategy later today, Australia has released its digital economy strategy with a foundation of a national broadband network and eight goals that focus on issues such as health, education, telework, and the […]

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May 31, 2011 1 comment News

Australia Considers New Digital Lock Exceptions

Australia’s Attorney General has said he is looking into establishing new digital lock exceptions under that country’s copyright law.  Robert McLelland specifically cited circumvention for some educational purposes, including circumvention of digital locks on DVDs.  The U.S. established an exception for some DVD circumvention last summer, but Canada’s Bill C-32 […]

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March 2, 2011 2 comments News

Australia Government Report Warns Against Including IP In Trade Agreements

The Australian Government’s Productivity Commission, which is the government’s independent research and advisory body on a range of economic, social and environmental issues affecting the welfare of Australians, has released a new report on the impact of bilateral and regional trade agreements.  The report, which contains some key lessons for Canada given our current trade negotiations activities with Europe, India, and South American countries, warns against the inclusion of intellectual property within these trade agreements.  The report concludes:

The Commission considers that Australia should not generally seek to include IP provisions in further BRTAs, and that any IP provisions that are proposed for a particular agreement should only be included after an economic assessment of the impacts, including on consumers, in Australia and partner countries. To safeguard against the prospect that acceptance of ‘negative sum game’ proposals, the assessment would need to find that implementing the provisions would likely generate overall net benefits for members of the agreement.

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December 14, 2010 7 comments News

Australia To Hold Three ACTA Briefings, Canada Still MIA

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has announced plans for three information sessions on the ACTA text in Canberra, Sydney, and Melbourne.  Canadian officials have yet to provide any public briefings.

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November 1, 2010 3 comments News