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Save the Date – Bill C-32 Copyright Book Launch Set for October 14th

I am delighted to report that the official launch for a new book on Canadian copyright reform that focuses specifically on Bill C-32 is set for October 14th in Ottawa.  The peer reviewed book, which will be available in paper and electronically under a Creative Commons licence from Irwin Law, […]

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October 4, 2010 8 comments News

Balanced Copyright for Canada Details Begin to Emerge

TVO's Search Engine examines the Balanced Copyright for Canada site in this week's podcast.  The podcast discusses some of Jesse Brown's concerns with the site. Meanwhile, Simon Doyle posts the names of some of the members of the site including many record company executives and their advisors.  Doyle's post includes […]

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June 22, 2010 25 comments News

The Copyright Lobby’s Astroturf Campaign in Support of C-32

The copyright lobby, almost certainly led by the Canadian Recording Industry Association, has launched a major astroturf campaign in which it hopes to enlist company employees to register their support for Bill C-32 and to criticize articles or comments that take issue with elements of the proposed legislation. The effort, which even includes paid placement of headlines on, is still shrouded in some secrecy.  A member list, which featured many record company executives, has now disappeared from public view.  Requests to identify who is behind the site have been stonewalled thus far, with both ACTRA and AFM Canada explicitly stating they are not part of the site (this is no surprise since most creator groups have been critical of C-32).

The heart of the site (which requires full registration) is a daily action item page that encourages users to "make a difference, everyday."  Today's list of 10 items is a mix of suggested tweets, blog comments, and newspaper article feedback.  Each items includes instructions for what should be done and quick link to the target site.  For example, users are asked to respond on Twitter to re-tweets of an op-ed by Dalhousie law professor Graham Reynolds.  The suggested response is "As an employee in entertainment, this Bill will protect your livelihood" or "The discussion around DRMs is largely fear mongering." Other suggested twitter activity includes twittering in support of James Moore and his comment that the Chamber of Commerce represents the best interests of consumers or to start following MPs on Twitter (in the hope they will follow back and later see astroturfed tweets).

The site also encourages posting comments on a wide range of articles and interviews.  For example, users are encouraged to comment on a Torontoist article on C-32 with the following points:

  • The article completely overstates the expected prevalence of DRMs
  • DRMs have faded quickly from the music industry- why would producers/artists hide their work?
  • There are a whole list of exceptions in the Bill, none of which Michael Geist and his Bit Torrent followers acknowledge

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June 16, 2010 174 comments News

Battle of the Balanced Copyright Sites

The government is using as the domain name for its site devoted to Bill C-32.  Someone forgot to register the actual domain, however, which was quickly grabbed by the Pirate Party of Canada, which is now a registered political party.

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June 3, 2010 2 comments News