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Ontario Court Sides With RIM Over Atari in Copyright Dispute

An Ontario court has issued an interesting decision in a copyright battle between Research in Motion and Atari (the National Post incorrectly suggested it is a patent case over the weekend, but it is actually copyright).  The case involves claims by Atari that two games available on the Blackberry (BrickBreaker and Meteor Crusher) infringe Atari's copyright in Breakout and Asteroids.  RIM launched an action in Ontario seeking a declaration that it is not infringing Atari's copyright.

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August 27, 2007 Comments are Disabled News

Copyright Board Gives Go Ahead to iPod Levy

The Copyright Board of Canada has released its decision on a series of motions contesting the latest attempt by the Canadian Private Copyright Collective to apply the private copying levy to iPods and removable memory storage cards.  The proposed levy was challenged by the Canadian Storage Media Alliance and the Retail Council of Canada, who argued that the Federal Court had already struck down a previous levy on iPods (or more accurately digital audio recorders) as outside the Copyright Act.  The CSMA and RCC argued that the Board had no jurisdiction to consider or approve the levy or alternatively that the CPCC should be prevented from proposing it.

The Board conducted hearings on the motions last month and has responded quickly with an emphatic rejection of the CSMA and RCC.  Siding consistently with the CPCC, the Board has left little doubt that it believes that the earlier decision has not foreclosed the possibility of a levy on devices such as the iPod.  In fact, the Board provides the clearest statement yet that it believes that the levy could be applied to any device, including cellphones and computers.  At paragraph 70, the decision states:

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July 19, 2007 43 comments News

Podcasting Legal Guide for Canada

Creative Commons Canada, led by Andy-Kaplan Myrth and Kathleen Simmons, have published a legal guide for podcasting in Canada.  Andy and Kathi presented the guide at the Podcasters Across Borders 2007 conference this past weekend.  I was honoured to write the forward for the publication, which I think will help thousands of Canadians bring their voices online.

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June 27, 2007 8 comments News

House of Commons Demands Takedown of YouTube Video

Earlier this month, I wrote a column highlighting the requirement to obtain permission from the Speaker of the House of Commons to use political clips that air on CPAC.  The column argued that the current rules do not protect parody and should be scrapped by granting broad leeway to reuse […]

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May 30, 2007 17 comments News

SOCAN Seeks $60 Annual Podcaster Fee

Sara Bannerman reports from day one at the Copyright Board of Canada's Tariff 22 hearings (more on Tariff 22 in my recent column on webcasting) noting that SOCAN opened the proceedings by reducing proposed tariffs for amateur podcasters, community and campus radio stations, and simulcasters.  The new SOCAN proposals are: […]

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April 18, 2007 6 comments News