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The Gatineau Copyright Roundtable: My Opening Remarks

As I posted earlier, I was fortunate to receive an invitation to the copyright consultation roundtable in Gatineau this evening.  Given the large group, each participant was limited to between three and five minutes.  My opening remarks were as follows:

Prepared Remarks
Copyright Consultation Roundtable, Gatineau, QC
July 29, 2009

Let me start by thanking both Ministers for the invitation and for conducting this consultation.  Last summer, I wrote a 61 part series on fixing Bill C-61 and the very first entry focused on the lack of consultation, so I think this is a great first step.

There is so much to say – preserving the public domain, modernizing the backup copy provision, removing crown copyright, sticking with notice-and-notice for ISPs, reforming the statutory damages provision by distinguishing between commercial and non-commercial infringement, to name just a few.

But I instead want to pick up on Minister Clement’s opening challenge: how do we establish reforms that last?

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