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PIAC Report Says Bill C-12 Data Breach Rules Should Be Toughened

PIAC has released a new report that examines the mandatory data breach reporting requirements in Bill C-12 and concludes that changes are needed to provide adequate privacy protection.

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January 10, 2012 Comments are Disabled News

The Daily Digital Lock Dissenter, Day 34: Public Interest Advocacy Centre

The Public Interest Advocacy Centre has been one of Canada’s leading consumer rights organizations, representing the public interest on consumer issues concerning telecommunications, energy, privacy, the information highway, electronic commerce, financial services, broadcasting, and competition law. PIAC submitted comments to the national copyright consultation that included the following on digital locks:

Consumers enjoy certain rights to use content without infringing copyright. The presence of technological measures doesn’t change that, and neither should anti-circumvention laws. Consumers must be able to circumvent technological measures, like DRM, providing that their access to the underlying content does not infringe copyright. These consumer rights fulfil important public policy goals, preserving consumer welfare, free speech, and innovation. The use of technological measures already threatens these values. Anti-circumvention laws shouldn’t statutorily undermine them as well.

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November 21, 2011 1 comment News

PIAC on Canadian Telecom Reform

The Public Interest Advocacy Centre has published a 218 page report on Canadian telecom regulation, arguing that reform is needed to address consumer concerns.

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January 5, 2011 3 comments News

PIAC Releases Major Report on Net Neutrality

The Public Interest Advocacy Centre has released a major new report on net neutrality. Staying Neutral: Canadian Consumers and the Fight for Net Neutrality, canvasses recent decisions and makes recommendations for future actions.  It arises from six focus groups conducted in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal.

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December 2, 2009 Comments are Disabled News

Some Copyright Wish Lists

The posts copyright wish lists for ACTRA, CAIP, CAUT, CLA, ITAC, ESA, and PIAC.

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August 3, 2009 1 comment News