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PIPEDA Reform Report Recommends Few Major Changes

The Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy, and Ethics yesterday released its much-anticipated (by the privacy community at least) PIPEDA report [pdf].  Canada's private sector privacy law mandates a review of the statute every five years.  This report is the first report on the law and it draws from several months of hearings that featured 67 witnesses.  The committee report makes 25 recommendations, yet those expecting an upgrade to Canadian privacy legislation will be deeply disappointed.  Most of the recommendations involve relatively small changes that make the federal law more consistent with the provincial laws in Alberta and B.C. (ie. a change in the business contact information provision that will severely hamper the ability to use PIPEDA to challenge spam) or seek to clarify the current wording (ie. clarification of different forms of consent).

On the big issues of the day, the committee generally recommended no change.  In particular, the committee recommended no order making power, no naming names, and no additional provisions related to transborder data flows.  The committee does recommend the creation of a breach notification provision, but stops short of matching U.S. style provisions by recommending that the notification go first to the Privacy Commissioner who would then determine whether individuals should be notified.  The one exception to this generally dismal outcome is that the committee recommended the removal of Section 7(1)(e), which allows organizations to collect and use personal information on national security grounds.  The Conservative MPs on the committee issued a dissenting opinion on this provision and it stands no chance of being implemented by the current government.

What to take away from the report? 

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May 3, 2007 Comments are Disabled News

PIPEDA Hearings – Day 04 (B.C. Privacy Commissioner Loukidelis and Professor Val Steeves)

Wednesday's PIPEDA hearing featured B.C. Privacy Commissioner David Loukidelis and University of Ottawa professor Val Steeves.  Commissioner Loukidelis went even further than the federal privacy commissioner in downplaying significant change.  Loukidelis downplayed his order making power (a last resort), security breach notification (more evidence on impact needed), and even the concerns associated with cross-border transfers to the U.S. (can always pick a different private sector company).  Professor Steeves highlighted the privacy challenges posed by new technologies and offered some specific reform recommendations.  Natalie Senst was in attendance on Wednesday afternoon and she filed the following report:

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December 1, 2006 1 comment News

PIPEDA Hearings – Day 01 (Industry Canada)

Given the delay between parliamentary committee hearings and the release of transcripts, several of my research students have graciously agreed to sit in on the hearings and take notes.  Yesterday's hearings featured four representatives from Industry Canada who were asked to provide a "PIPEDA 101" review.  From the notes, it is clear that many committees members expected more, as several requests for recommended amendments were refused with the Industry Canada representatives deferring to the Minister.  While it is not clear that Industry Minister Maxime Bernier expected to appear at these hearings, the Committee Chair indicated that he would be called.

The hearings also provided an update in the Quebec constitutional challenge to PIPEDA.  The most recent development is apparently Quebec's filing of an affidavit in July 2006, so the case is still alive.  Some committee members expressed surprise at the fact that the case has been outstanding for three years.

The key comments and questions, thanks to Natalie Senst, are posted below:

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November 21, 2006 Comments are Disabled News

PIPEDA and Order Making Power

The deadline for submissions to the Privacy Commissioner of Canada's PIPEDA review consultation passed yesterday (given that I sit on the Commissioner's advisory board I did not enter a submission).  The consultation raises a number of key issues including order making power, reporting mechanisms, and general strengthening of the national […]

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September 8, 2006 2 comments News

Privacy Commissioner Issues PIPEDA Review Discussion Paper

The much-anticipated PIPEDA review is scheduled for later this year and the Privacy Commissioner of Canada has kicked things off with a discussion/consultation paper.  The Commissioner’s comments on the effectiveness of the law will be very important and this paper is presumably an attempt to gauge public opinion on several […]

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July 18, 2006 Comments are Disabled News